Domain Registration

We only manage domains for those who are already our clients for other services and we only register Nominet domains. That is domains that end in,, or simply .uk – though we can manage other domain extensions (.com, .org, etc) for you if required.

Domains can only be ordered by contacting us via phone or email. We have no online system for doing so.

Nominet Domains

Registration terms

If you are registering, renewing or transferring a Nominet domain (a domain ending with .uk) then the domain registration is subject to Nominet’s Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration

On domain registration, we need to verify the contact details we are given. As we only register domains for existing clients we will do this using our existing knowledge of you.


We charge £10.00 per year for domain registration.

The prices for renewal are the same as for initial registration.

The registration price includes: domain registration and DNS hosting.


Shortly before the domain registration is due to expire we will send an email to the contact address we have for the registration asking if the domain is to be renewed. The renewal prices are the same as for the initial registration. You can renew by telephone or by email and we will email you an invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the renewal date then the domain will not be renewed by us.

If the domain expires Nominet will maintain the domain in a ‘suspended’ state for a while after expiration. During this time, the domain may not ‘work’, but it will still be ‘yours’. Until Nominet cancel the domain you can renew the domain at the normal price even it has been suspended.

Domain Management

We do not provide a control panel where you can manage your domain. For any changes or information such as WHOIS data, contact details, registrant or domain transfers etc, then email us for help.

Registrar Transfers

If you want to transfer a Nominet domain into us then please contact us before doing so. We will explain the process to be followed.

If you want to transfer a Nominet domain from us to another registrar, then you need to tell us the new ‘tag’ which you want the domain to be transferred to. For security reasons, we may then send an email back to you to confirm the transfer. Once we are reasonably confident that the transfer request is legitimate we will perform the transfer immediately and at no cost to you.

Support & Complaints

For domain issues please email us on

In urgent situations you can telephone us, but we may be limited in what we can do in that case. For some actions we will have to confirm it by email first.

If you have a complaint about our registrar service then, in the first instance, contact us. We will respond within 2 business days. As we are a small company your complaint will be dealt with by Hazel in the first instance. If our response is not satisfactory, then you can contact Nominet directly – see the Nominet registrar complaints procedure.