Fuse PerformanceFuse Performance
Fuse Performance initiates and develops projects, performances and installations alone and with other artists and organisations. Fuse promotes circus and street arts throughout the South West region and in local communities.


His & Hers Theatre CompanyHis & Hers Theatre Company
Shakespeare to Music Hall, we do it all! Sandra’s a writer, model & workshop leader; Stephen a singer, storyteller & activities coordinator. Dream team!



Mean Feet Dance CompanyMean Feet Dance
We specialise in Dance and Mental Health. We promote the belief that anybody and everybody can dance and enjoy the feel good benefits of creativity, self expression, physical activity and social contact.



Shadow of the Tor Shadow of the Tor
Shadow of the Tor are a multi-media production team based in Glastonbury. We are an inclusive and structured space, safe for all ages and abilities.



Stuart PackerStuart Packer Storyteller | Actor | Educator
In local schools, Stu delivers Storytelling, Storytelling and Drama workshops, play/workshops in Confidence in the Spoken Word and Presentation. He also visits Care, Residential and Nursing homes telling and sharing stories. He often collaborates with other Storytellers and Musicians.