The Glastonbury Information Centre is now Open

The Glastonbury Information Centre is now open Monday to Sunday 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Businesses and organisations have been issued with a list of the necessary changes and the GIC, with the support of Glastonbury Town Council, has been able to make alterations to the building to comply with all the advice.

To ensure that social distancing is upheld and a safe environment provided for staff and visitors, the temporary provision of an additional room has been implemented and which will ensure a larger space with a one-way route through the building. The staff and volunteers of our three teams, Tourist Information, Pilgrim Reception and Town Council, will be able to continue to offer their services, and support each other, in a bright, airy and welcoming space with safety in mind at all times.

Protective screens will be installed on each of the desks, hand sanitiser will be at both entrance and exit doors and the whole information centre space will become more open and sunny, with views of the Abbey and Tor.

Staff and volunteers will work specific shift patterns, allowing the management to keep track of who has worked with whom on each day and additional training will be arranged, including the social distancing that is required and maintained by limiting numbers of visitors into the space at any one time.
The Town Council staff have been working on the garden, which is sure to add to Glastonbury’s extraordinary offer of peaceful and beautiful spaces for residents and visitors alike.